An amazing dating pool of people looking for companionship and love again.

Many divorcees find getting back on the dating scene a daunting experience. But divorce expert Vikki Ziegler – star of the Bravo TV series Untying the Knot– is here to help you get back into the dating game  because she knows how important it is  to find happiness. Life’s too short to miss out on the joys of a new relationship. Everyone deserves companionship and laughter.

Vikki explains her motivation, “I thought about all of my clients going through their divorces, many expressing concern about now being alone. Even after they made the choice to start dating again, they weren’t quite sure how to calmly get started. Spoken, or unspoken, I’ve found this is a common thread for all those in the ‘divorce club.’ With Divorce Dating, I’ve brought you an amazing dating pool of like-minded, like-experienced people also looking for friendship and love again. I understand how difficult divorce can be and it would be my pleasure to help guide you back into the dating pool with comfort and ease. All you need to do is set up your free account. It’s time to remember that feeling.®”

Vikki’s Story

When I was 12 years old my parents divorced. It had a deeply profound impact on me. So much so that I grew up to become a divorce attorney; a founding partner in a firm focusing on all family law related matters. In my twenties, I married and divorced within a year. I went through my own challenging separation before finding love again. Along the way, I was honored to become an advocate, voice and thought-leader, on behalf of divorced people everywhere.

Walking in my clients’ shoes has given me a deeper understanding of what the divorce experience really feels like. No doubt, divorce is a painful process, both emotionally and financially, but I firmly believe it’s also one of life’s biggest learning experiences. This position lead to my becoming an in-demand television and radio guest on numerous news and talk shows regarding the many sub-topics of divorce. Born from that came my own television show, Untying the Knot, on Bravo TV. In the show – second season coming this fall – I help divorcing couples civilly navigate what can sometimes be the toughest part of a break-up – the distribution of assets – with grace and dignity.

I’m a firm believer that divorce is not just an end but also a new beginning, a belief that has led to my next service for the community, Divorce Dating. Lending from my life’s experience and female perspective, Divorce Dating is a fun, elegant and relaxed way to get back out there and start dating again. It was specifically created with the interests of you all in mind. From its easy process for signing up to its incisive questions from years of divorce experience; its content and advice to the depth and breadth of its membership; this is surely the only online dating platform that truly gives all divorced people a confidence-building environment to communicate, connect and find friendship or even love again. Please join and enjoy. It’s time to remember that feeling®!